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Aravind Gau seva

Sanatana Dharma and our Shastras consider Go Seva (cow-service) a great service. With this principle in mind, ‘Aravind Gau Seva’ is serving cows day and night. It is one of the largest Goshala . The devotees are impressed upon visiting the Goshala and the activities that constantly go on in its huge premises. There are a lot of arrangements for the service of Go Mata in this Goshala. There are at least 20 Gau Sevaks at the service of the cows, at any given time. They take care of every need of the cows.

Aravind Goshala has made special arrangements for the helpless, orphaned and injured cows which roam on the streets. It has made special arrangements for curing the injured cows. For this 2 medical van with lift facility and a team of doctors is always available for service. With the support of the devotees.

The aim of Aravind Gay Seva is an effort to revive Indian culture through co-ordination and nature conservation, national service, Vedic and modern education.

Our activities

  • Helpline: We run a helpline where citizens can call to inform about sick or stray cows and calves, in the surrounding areas.
  • Transportation: In association with volunteers, we arrange to bring the cattle to the campus.
  • Care: We care for the stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows by providing them food and shelter.
  • Medical care: We provide in-house medical care for the injured, sick or pregnant cattle.

Our Directors

  • Manoj Kumar.R
  • A.G.Ramachandran