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Kangayam Cows- Tamil Nadu Breed

The Kangayam cattle are an indigenous breed of India. The breed derives it’s name from the Kangeyam town located in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu state. It is mainly raised as a draught animal but also pretty good for milk production. The breed conform largely to the Southern Indian Mysore type. And it is thought that there is evidence of the blood of the grey-white Ongole cattle in their composition. Possibly this mixture has given the Kangayam cattle their larger size in comparison with other cattle of the Mysore type. They are also known by some other names in their native area such as Kanganad, Kangeyam and Kongu.

Currently they are available and bred in the southern and southeastern area of the Coimbatore district of Madras state in India. In case of size, the Kangayam cattle are of two type, one is small and another is large. The larger variety is found in the areas of Aravakurchi, Karur and Dindigul subdivisions. While the smaller variety is found mostly in the Kangayam, Erode, Dharampuram, Pollachi, Paddadam and Udmalpet subdivisions