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Kankrej Cows

Kankrej cattle are a breed of Zebu cattle. They originated from the Kankrej Taluka of Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat in India. And the breed gets it name from it’s home tract ‘Kankrej‘. They are also known by some other names such as Wagad, Waged, Wadhir, Wadial, Wadhiar, Bannai, Vaghiyar, Vadhiyar, Nagar and Talabda. Kankrej cattle breed comes from southeast of the Desert of Cutch in western India, particularly along the banks of the rivers Banas and Saraswati which flow from east to west and drain into the desert of Cutch. Review characteristics, use and full breed profile of Kankrej cattle below.

As a very hardy breed, the Kankrej bullocks are used for road transport and agricultural operations. The cows are good milkers. On an average, Kankrej cows yield about 1738 kg in a lactation period which ranges from 257-350 days. The average fat content in their milk is about 4.8 percent. The average age at first calving is about 39-56 months. Kankrej cattle is a very important breed in the formation of some other popular cattle breeds.